If you were to stop anyone in the town centre and ask, “What events are on in Waltham Abbey today?”.   You would certainly be greeted with a warm, friendly smile but, then possibly, a blank look, while you awaited an answer.

Yet there are, probably, more events per head of the population taking place in Waltham Abbey than in most other towns of its size: we just accept them as the norm.

There are many events in Epping Forest and these are likely to increase over the next few years.   In order to ensure that the businesses of Epping Forest are the first to benefit, please note that we are creating a database that can be shared with all event organizers – shows, markets, specialist events festivals, etc.

Recently, WATP’s Tourism sub-committee decided that we should publicize these events and we began to issue leaflet holders to shops, pubs, taxi ranks, dentists’ and doctors’ surgeries and many other venues where people were sitting or standing, awaiting service.   They contain two leaflets:-

What’s On In Waltham Abbey”, a leaflet, produced by Waltham Abbey Town Council, that lists all the important dates in the town’s calendar such as The Waltham Abbey Town Show, King Harold Day, Help for Heroes, performances by Beckett Drama, the popular amateur theatre company and other events that are held by the many voluntary organizations that are within the town.

Discover Waltham Abbey”, a large folded sheet, produced and funded by WATP and its partners, that has a map of the town on one side and information on the events organized by our many visitor attractions such as The Royal Gunpowder Mills,  The Museum, the Lee Valley Park, Copped Hall, the Abbey Church and Gilwell Park, the home of the international Scouting Association, and their programmes, on the reverse.

The holders are updated and replenished on a two-monthly basis.

Of course, WATP also organizes several annual events such as our Residents’ & Shoppers’ Competition, encouraging them to look in our shop windows, the Shop Window Competition, encouraging traders to present an attractive welcome to their clients and, occasionally, a clean-up of the town centre prior to the commencement of the Tourist season.

Favourite, though, is our Breakfast for Business, free of charge to local business people and held at different locations within the town. It provides an excellent opportunity for valuable networking.

We are always looking for new ideas so, please, contact us with your inspirations.